Why the Hijab

 Hey Peeps, coming to you with a very quick short blog post about the Hijab And what I think about it. Personally I love when females wear hijab it truly covers them and shows even more of their Beauty, whether she is muslim or nun muslim, best of both worlds right?.

​ Hijab doesn’t cover up a women’s weakness. Rather it displays her strength, commitment, and confidence which is built out of love for ALLAH” Hijab makes woman modest, Hijab is the real beauty of women, Muslim woman is a creature of modesty. 

ALLAH loves for all women Muslim women to be shielded by their Hijab I would say non Muslims as well that’s just how I picture it even tho many won’t agree to it. It is their outer protection from the decadence of this life.

Hijab of the Muslim woman is indeed part of modesty. Modesty accompanies Eemaan (faith). That is why Allah’s Messenger S.A.W said: “Modesty is part of Imaan and Imaan is in Paradise.” [At-Tirmithi]
Sisters, don’t follow the footsteps of shetan, don’t expose yourself to others, don’t show your beauty to non mehram, Don’t forget that you are so precious like a diamond,  You are the princess of Islam. Islam is the greatest religion of the world and fastest as well, and modesty is the characteristic of Islam.! 

It was narrated from Ibn ‘Abbas that the Messenger of ALLAH Sallallahu Alahi Waali Wasalam said: “Every religion has its distinct characteristic, and the distinct characteristic of Islam is Modesty”

Sisters, never forget one important aspect within this context, that is, you’re here in this dunya (world) to prepare for the Hereafter. People of this world shouldn’t be a reason for you not to take on your hijab. This world is temporary but the afterlife is permanent. If we try to fulfil the requirements of the creation, we tend to neglect and disobey our Creator.
Taking hijab is not a difficult process, yes it’s running thru your head that “he just saying that because he don’t know nor need to wear the Hijab” In fact, it is You and we who make it seem so. It’s like, when you take on hijab even for a single day, you would actually never want to remove it. This is the true beauty of hijab.
Do not think too much about it. That is, if you really want to please your Lord, just take the step forth and forget the worldly concerns. Just do it for the sake of ALLAH SWT. The more you think regarding taking it on or not, the more you get tangled into the evil knots. The media is changing people and sadly many fall into it tricks and games. What the mind consumed it will follow weather you like it or not.
Men Also have a hijab Don’t think this is only for the sisters man & I call the men Hijabi the human eyes. Us man should also respect that fact and cover as well as Lower our gaze. Many of you may not agree with me but as you get older and be around people of knowledge then you will understand.

Women are not the only one’s that have to wear the hijab, men let us All give respect to our self and follow our prophet footsteps, the best of men’s. I pray Allah forgive us Allah because wh is the All knowing and forgiving.

One thing that’s mind blowing to me and I would love to shear with you all is Jesus Christ mother. Virgin Mary, I and you have never seen her nor any pictures of her without a veil. Even if you disagree  with this you know it true… Even she understand the value of Hijab and I pray Allah Grant her more blessings as she Rest in peace. 

I will end with a simple and a thought-provoking quote,

“Dear sisters, one day, you will be wrapped around, fully covered head to toe, and lowered into your grave. Don’t let your last day on earth be the first day you wear hijab. 

“DEAR brothers, one day, you will get married and will lay your eyes on a beautiful women that you always wished for, but if we don’t do that now what make you think that will ever be a dream come true.” Let us follow the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

May we all strive to act upon the righteous acts. AMEN  

Would love if you shared this with peeps! — it would mean a lot. Seriously. I’m not joking, it would. ☺   

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10 thoughts on “Why the Hijab

  1. Jaynabou Kabba April 4, 2017 — 4:41 am

    Mashallah nice one

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    1. Thank you Jaynabou. If you think this was great share it with 5 friends who will benefit from it to.


  2. Beautiful !!!!

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    1. Thank you Aisha hope this was a great time you spent on this and if you know anyone who can benefit from this share it with them!


  3. Loving it bro. Keep it up

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  4. Princess Hawa Jolie April 4, 2017 — 10:37 pm

    Ma sha Allah May Allah continue blessing you .

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    1. Thank you Hawa. And Amennnnn surely he is blessing you and your family 😊


  5. This is just fascinating🙏. Keep the good work bro. It really touched my heart 💓

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    1. Awww thank you so much Alieu really appreciate it and stay tune for more on your way.


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